We are a global logistics service provider helping businesses use their supply chain as a competitive differentiator. As a customer centric organization, we are powered by the expertise of our people and our in house developed, best in class and customizable technology.

Our people and our technology helps us stay true to our values of always being forward thinking to give businesses the fastest deliveries with the best value for money.


Think Forward, Think Advance


Bee Global, Bee Advance!


To connect the world for you

We’re all in this together.

We have something in common with our customers, contract carriers, suppliers, and communities. All of us want to create more efficient and cost-effective supply chains. Because we know that greater efficiency is not just smart for business, it can impact the world for generations to come.

See things differently

It’s your job to make products your customers love. It’s our job to connect the world. Our people think in terms of free trade zones and shipping schedules, but they’re also consumers who know what it takes for every item on a store shelf to get there. We see both sides of the story. We see things differently.